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As a Geelong-based builder, we know a thing or two about designing for coastal settings. We’ve helped bring numerous unique homes to life, most of which take advantage of a beachside setting with a number of coastal design features.

If you’re looking to build a new kitchen and want a coastal style, here are just some elements to consider.

1. Welcome the outdoors in

What use is living by the seaside if you can’t enjoy it? Bi-fold windows offer a seamless transition from indoors to out, extending your kitchen beyond its four walls and providing a chance to enjoy your natural surroundings even more. Pop an outdoor bar or alfresco area on the other side and summer entertaining will be easier than ever.

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2. Keep it light and bright

The best memories of beaches and coastlines are sun-filled, so a coastal kitchen should always take advantage of natural light. Whether it’s bi-fold doors, or skylights and large windows, the design should incorporate as many avenues for sunlight as possible. This will also encourage air flow and keep the space well-ventilated. Window coverings should also fit into the coastal style – consider light-coloured curtains (in both texture and colour) or shutters.

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3. Hamptons-inspired cabinetry

Cabinets can make or break a kitchen so it’s essential that you choose correctly. The Shaker design is one of the most common in Hamptons-style kitchens and a great option for those wishing to evoke a coastal feel. Featuring a frame and panel front, each door can either appear inset into the cabinet frame or run flush next to each other. Fixtures such as handles are just as important as the cabinets themselves – rustic metal or timber works well.

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4. Feeling natural

When it comes to coastal design, natural textures are key. This means fabrics such as linen and cotton and materials like recycled timber. Wooden flooring is a great way to introduce a very subtle nautical style and has the added benefit of being easy to clean and maintain. Timber can also be used in benchtops, sitting alongside granite or other natural materials.

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5. Keeping it neutral

A coastal kitchen is a lesson in ‘less is more’ when it comes to colour palettes. Start with a white base and accentuate with pops of colour – a calming ocean blue, or a pop of vibrant yellow. Experiment with different uses – for example, could you rejuvenate traditional timber floorboards by giving them a lick of white paint?

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If you want to create a coastal kitchen in your new home or renovation, get in touch with the expert team at RJ Hill Homes today.

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