All well used outdoor areas have a few things in common; they are all welcoming, tranquil and functional, perfect for entertaining. A space like this should be an extension of your home, taking the inside out. Everyone wants a space that is perfect for spending a lazy day by the pool, sharing a meal with friends or even having a weekend drink on a warm summer evening.

When living along the coast, a space like this shouldn’t be limited to summer months but rather a multi-purpose space that can be enjoyed year round. Creating a beautiful outdoor area that will only be admired from indoors is a waste of good design, so in order to celebrate the beauty that lies beyond the walls of your house here are some simple suggestions to get you on your way!


Great lighting is a secret weapon for making any room a warm and welcoming place to spend time and the same goes for your outdoor area. Carefully considering a space before you get down to business is so important; you don’t want your pool to be in the shadiest part of the garden and you would hate to lose that beautiful sunshine as soon as the afternoon hits!

Before honing in your focus, take a step back and look where the natural light falls. You may already have the makings of a perfect outdoor area that is naturally dappled with afternoon light but you may just as easily have a garden that cops the brunt of the summer sun. Tall trees are perfect for a little bit of natural shade but a shade cloth or some big beautiful umbrellas are quick, easy fixes that will offer you the best of both worlds when spending a lazy afternoon by the pool.

A trans-seasonal space

While most of us picture spending time outdoors in the warmer months, the best way to make the most of your outdoor area is ensuring that it is one that you can use year round. A big deck extending you living area outdoors that offers both shade and sunlight is perfect for springtime when warm sunshine peaks through. Also, a fun addition to your outdoor area that will keep you there in the cooler months is a fireplace or pit. This will give your garden a beautiful country feel and also add something special for winter evenings.

Effective use of space

A well-used outdoor area is one that acts as a seamless transition from inside to outside, offering the comforts of a living area amongst nature. However, if you are working with a smaller space it is best to keep things as simple as possible, there is no need to cram a pool, a deck, a dining space and a garden shed into a small courtyard. A well-thought out paved area with a classic outdoor dining set can be just as effective as a pool surrounded by sun lounges and a barbecue kitchen space.

Talking to your builder in detail and getting their advice for what would be best for your outdoor area is going to be the best way to ensure that you are creating a space that you will not only use but love for many years to come. If you are thinking of integrating an outdoor space into your new home, get in touch with your local Geelong builder RJ Hill Homes to help bring your vision to life.

Building dreams into homes

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